ZZZ Migration Consultants :

Varinder S. Lamba (MARN ) is the principal Migration Agent of ZZZ Migration Consultants formerly known as Butterworths Migration Consultants.

He obtained his Immigration Agent Registration in 1999.

He has been providing excellent trustworthy professional services to the onshore and offshore clients by observing immigration law and policy and maintaining the integrity of the profession.

Mr. Lamba has handled various types of visa applications involving temporary and permanent visas, review application with MRT, RRT and AAT and Ministerial appeals.

He has extensive knowledge in short and long stay Business visas, Employer nomination Scheme and Regional Employer Sponsored visas. He has assisted small, medium and large businesses in obtaining their sponsorship and nomination approvals.

He also specializes in Family Violence Partner visas, He has helped such clients at Departmental and Tribunal level.

He is affiliated with several colleges and educational institutes in Australia and provides Educational Consultancy to his clients.

Victor S. Lamba has visited nearly 28 countries and has extensive educational and cultural knowledge. In addition to English language he speaks Hindi, Punjabi and Arabic.

He is a member of Migration Alliance and also Migration Institute of Australia.

Mr. Lamba was appointed the Justice of the Peace in 1999 (#151077) and Civil Marriage Celebrant in 2000 (CMC A5147) by the Attorney General of Australia.

Victor S. Lamba conducts, national & international seminars focusing on Australian Educational & Immigration Programmes. He is also a presenter of papers in Migration Institute of Australia on Immigration policy for the Professional Development Purposes of Immigration agents.

Rosa Nguyen (MARN 9791500)

Rosa Nguyen has been a registered Migration Agent since 1997. She has been providing specialized services in the field of immigration, work place assessment & training for about two decades now. She speaks Vietnamese and assists our South East Asian clients.

During her work as a registered Migration Agent she has assisted vast number of individuals, families and businesses in meeting their visa needs.

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